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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implant Restoration

How can we help you?

We appreciate that patients have questions before they visit a dental office. At Keledjian Dental, we encourage patient questions. Whether you have concerns about our office or about your upcoming procedure, we encourage you to contact us to ask.

Here you will find some of our most common questions. If yours is not on the list, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implant | Madera CA DentistIf Dr. Keledjian or an oral surgeon recommended that you have bone grafting prior to your dental implant procedure, it usually means that you do not have adequate bone to successfully support a dental implant. Do not worry, we may be able to help.

Tooth loss and periodontal disease both contribute to bone loss. We can determine your bone levels with x-rays and make a diagnosis based on our findings. If bone grafting is necessary, Dr. Keledjian will explain the entire procedure to you prior to treatment. 

How does bone grafting work?

Essentially, Dr. Keledjian will place donor bone (either from you, a donor, or artificial bone) at the site requiring regeneration. Your body should take over at that point by integrating

Bone grafting allows us to regenerate your bone so that you have enough density to support a dental implant. Because your implant will absorb force from chewing, it needs to be imbedded securely in order to maintain longevity and stability.

While bone grafting adds another step to your implant procedure, Dr. Jason Keledjian wants to support your oral health and take every precaution to ensure its success.

Contact Keledjian Dental 

If you think you may need bone grafting or if you have questions about it, please give us a call at (559) 673-2257 or fill our our contact form and we will answer all of your questions.

The cosmetic procedures that will work best for you depend on your aesthetic goals when it comes to your smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Optionswoman smiling after professional teeth whitening in madera ca

  • Professional teeth whitening can whiten your smile dramatically in a short period. Whitening works best on teeth that are stained yellow or brown.
  • Orthodontics straightens your teeth and can improve your bite. We offer both traditional orthodontics as well as Invisalign because our patients appreciate choices.
  • Cosmetic dental bonding can repair minor cosmetic flaws such as gaps or chips in your teeth. It utilizes the same composite material we use for dental fillings. We can replace your black fillings with composite ones to improve your smile, as well.
  • We can make dental crowns out of a variety of materials, but when it comes to aesthetics, ceramics or porcelain looks most like your natural teeth and blend in.
  • Veneers provide the most dramatic results when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. We completely cover your natural tooth with a beautiful porcelain veneer in order to correct major flaws. How many veneers you will need depends upon your smile and anatomy.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Evaluation With Dr. Keledjian

In order to find out which procedures will work best for you, we should see you for an evaluation. That way, Dr. Keledjian will be able to provide you with an accurate treatment plan for your desired outcome.

Feel free to contact our office at (559) 673-2257 or by sending us an email to schedule a consultation! 

Seniors today live longer than ever and lead very active lifestyles. Many of our seniors still find themselves in active social and professional roles so looking good is important to White Smile | Cosmetic Dentist Madera CAthem. Cosmetic dentistry has no age limit and we encourage patients of all ages to discuss their aesthetic concerns with us.

Having confidence and feeling good about yourself is incredibly important at any age. Whether you are speaking to clients or you found yourself back on the dating scene in your senior years, we believe your smile can make a dramatic impression on those you meet, so why not make a great one with a beautiful confident smile?

What cosmetic options are available? 

Even if you are missing some or all of your teeth, we look forward to working with you so that you can have a smile that makes you proud. From whitening, veneers, crowns, or dentures, our senior patients know the value of a beautiful smile and Dr. Keledjian is an expert at cosmetic dentistry for seniors. He will be your cosmetic dentistry partner every step of the way from your initial exam to your follow-up routine care.

Contact Keledjian Dental

We look forward to providing you with the beautiful cosmetic dentistry you deserve so that your senior years can be your best decades ever. Please contact our office either by calling (559) 673-2257 or sending an email to schedule a consultation! 

Dental Veneer | Cosmetic Dentist Madera CACosmetic dentistry today really has no limits. From basic services like professional whitening and dental bonding to the most complex services, including dental implants and veneers, cosmetic dentistry at our Madera dental office addresses a wide range of aesthetic concerns.

Whether you have never liked your teeth or they just became damaged over time, Dr. Jason Keledjian can design a treatment plan to improve your appearance and give you confidence when it comes to your smile.

As we age, our teeth can become worn or dull-looking. This can pose a problem both socially and professionally if you do not feel confident enough to smile. When we approach a cosmetic dental treatment plan for our patients, we focus on what is most important to you as well as how we can improve the longevity and function of your teeth.

Cosmetic Issues

Whether you have cracked, missing, oddly shaped, or crooked teeth, we can help you have the smile you have always wanted and help you maintain it with a comprehensive preventative treatment plan so that your investment lasts you for many happy years to come.

Contact Our Madera Dental Office To Get Started

Don’t let your teeth hold you back. Give us a call to schedule an evaluation and take the first step toward a healthy, beautiful smile. Our entire dental team is thrilled to meet you and get your smile journey started today!

Dental Implant | Madera CA DentistDr. Jason Keledjian restores dental implants and when it comes to having your implant placed, we will refer you to one of our trusted oral surgeons. Oral surgeons specialize in implant placement and other types of dental surgeries.

We know that most patients would like to have all of their care in one convenient location, but we believe it is of greater value that we work with a team of specialists who can expertly provide you with the best possible outcome.

How does Dr. Keledjian help?

Once the surgeon places your implant, we will work with them to make sure we are all on the same page and provide you with a timeline for your treatment as well as the details as to what you might expect. We will monitor your healing and continue your regular preventative care at this time. We stay in close contact with our specialists so that our patients receive the best care possible.

When you heal completely, Dr. Keledjian will take an impression and create a custom dental crown for your implant. Our dental crowns are one of a kind and will match your surrounding teeth perfectly, making it unlikely anyone will notice you have a dental implant. Dr. Keledjian looks forward to helping you smile confidently with your new implant crown.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation today!

Dental Implant | Implant Dentist Madera, CAThe latest research and scientific evidence points to dental implants as the most effective tooth replacement options for a number of reasons. When you lose a natural tooth, you run the risk of losing bone in the area where your tooth once was.

Benefits of Implants

When you lose bone, it puts your other teeth at risk and creates a situation that could lead to more tooth loss or other significant dental problems that affect your bite. Think of a bookcase and when you remove a book, the other books all tip toward the empty space. Your teeth behave in the same way. They tip toward the empty space where your tooth once was.

Having an implant can help to prevent some of these dental problems. When you have a dental implant, a surgeon places it directly into your bone. The implant then integrates with your bone and creates a stable chewing surface much like your natural tooth.

When the implants and bone integrate, the implant acts as an anchor, helping to maintain your bone levels and the stability of your dentistry. Implants also act as a space holder, preventing your teeth from leaning inward. 

Schedule a Consultation

To find out more if dental implants are right for you, contact our office and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Jason Keledjian.

Full Smile | Implant Dentist Madera CAWhen people come to us for something like a crown or dental implant crown, one of the things they often want to know is if anyone will be able to tell their tooth is “fake.” We all have memories of seeing our grandparents or even our parents with unattractive dentistry that showed metal parts and often caused them endless grief and discomfort.

Beautiful Dental Restorations

At Dr. Jason Keledjian’s office, we understand your concerns. We want you to know that dentistry really has come such a long way in the last few decades. Now tooth replacements, like dental implants, are more attractive and lifelike than ever. Chances are that no one will ever notice that you have a dental implant crown.

Additionally, the fit and function of today’s dentistry is better because we understand more about the science of the jaw and occlusion (bite) of your teeth. That means we create the best possible results by taking into account both beauty and function.

 Dr. Keledjian takes great care when it comes to creating his crowns, implant crowns, bridges, dentures, and all other dentistry you may require. Our crowns are custom made and will match the size, color, and shape of your natural teeth so they blend in with your smile.

Schedule with Keledjian Dental

If you are interested in getting a dental implant, contact our office today!

Older Couple | Dentist Madera CAWe hear more and more about dental implants these days because of their success in the field of tooth replacement therapy. Dental implants change from year to year as advances in technology progress and materials improve. Dr. Jason Keledjian stays on top of all of the latest information and works with some of the best specialists when it comes to implant placement and restoration.

What is a dental implant made of?

A dental implant consists of several parts. The actual implant itself is usually made of a biocompatible metal such as titanium. An experienced dental surgeon places the titanium post into your jawbone and allows it to heal for several months until your bone has a chance to integrate with the implant. This relationship, called osseointegration, stabilizes your implant within your bone and the implant essentially becomes part of your body.

Once you heal completely, Dr. Jason Keledjian will take impressions and create a custom dental crown to sit atop your implant, completing your chewing surface in addition to filling in your smile.

Schedule with Keledjian Dental

While it may sound like a complex procedure, dentists perform thousands of these procedures each year with a very high success rate. When you come to Dr. Keledjian for your implant restoration work, you are in excellent hands. Contact our office to set up a consultation today!

Older Couple | Implant Dentist Madera CAIf you are missing a tooth, chances are that someone has recommended a dental implant to you or mentioned dental implants as a possible option for tooth replacement. So, if you heard about it repeatedly, you probably wonder what is the fuss about dental implants anyways? Are they really that great?

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are one of the most effective tooth replacement options available, not only because they look great and blend in with your smile, but also because they restore the health and function to your smile more effectively than other options.

When you lose teeth, you start to lose bone, as well. Because your jawbone and teeth are in a relationship with one another, they depend on each other to maintain function and support. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone in the area where that tooth once was can begin to recede, which puts your other teeth at risk.

Placing an implant in that area of the bone can help to retain it and stabilize the area, protecting your surrounding teeth by reducing bone loss and preserving the space where your tooth once was.

Dental implants are also beautiful. Dr. Jason Keledjian creates each dental implant individually to match it perfectly with your smile.

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Contact our office today to learn more about this procedure and to schedule a consultation. 

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