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What is the best tooth replacement option available?

Dental Implant | Implant Dentist Madera, CAThe latest research and scientific evidence points to dental implants as the most effective tooth replacement options for a number of reasons. When you lose a natural tooth, you run the risk of losing bone in the area where your tooth once was.

Benefits of Implants

When you lose bone, it puts your other teeth at risk and creates a situation that could lead to more tooth loss or other significant dental problems that affect your bite. Think of a bookcase and when you remove a book, the other books all tip toward the empty space. Your teeth behave in the same way. They tip toward the empty space where your tooth once was.

Having an implant can help to prevent some of these dental problems. When you have a dental implant, a surgeon places it directly into your bone. The implant then integrates with your bone and creates a stable chewing surface much like your natural tooth.

When the implants and bone integrate, the implant acts as an anchor, helping to maintain your bone levels and the stability of your dentistry. Implants also act as a space holder, preventing your teeth from leaning inward. 

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