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Why would sleep apnea concern your dentist?

sleep apnea treatment | madera caWhen you think of sleep-disordered breathing, seeking your dentist in Madera, CA for sleep apnea treatment might be the furthest from your mind. Because sleep apnea can impact your oral health and your dentist is an expert in the geography of the structures of the head and neck, you might find he or she has some valuable advice, in addition to some treatment alternatives that are more convenient than CPAP treatment.

Sleep apnea may also lead to dry mouth because sufferers of sleep apnea often sleep with their mouths open. Dry mouth increases the risk of periodontal disease and decay due to reduced saliva – the mouth’s automatic cleaning mechanism. Sleep apnea also negatively impacts nearly every system in the body.

How is sleep apnea treated?

Oral appliance therapy is approved for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Proper OSA diagnosis requires a diagnosis from an accredited sleep clinic or practitioner. If you have a referral from a sleep specialist in Madera, CA and require sleep apnea treatment, contact Keledjian Dental to arrange an appointment with Dr. Jason Keledjian, and he will discuss your condition as well as your options to protect your oral and overall health with OSA therapy.


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