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Will I need to see a specialist when I have a dental implant?

Dental Implant | Madera CA DentistDr. Jason Keledjian restores dental implants and when it comes to having your implant placed, we will refer you to one of our trusted oral surgeons. Oral surgeons specialize in implant placement and other types of dental surgeries.

We know that most patients would like to have all of their care in one convenient location, but we believe it is of greater value that we work with a team of specialists who can expertly provide you with the best possible outcome.

How does Dr. Keledjian help?

Once the surgeon places your implant, we will work with them to make sure we are all on the same page and provide you with a timeline for your treatment as well as the details as to what you might expect. We will monitor your healing and continue your regular preventative care at this time. We stay in close contact with our specialists so that our patients receive the best care possible.

When you heal completely, Dr. Keledjian will take an impression and create a custom dental crown for your implant. Our dental crowns are one of a kind and will match your surrounding teeth perfectly, making it unlikely anyone will notice you have a dental implant. Dr. Keledjian looks forward to helping you smile confidently with your new implant crown.

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