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Why do I need a root canal instead of a filling?

man getting a root canal in Madera CAIn our Madera, CA dental office, fillings are our first choice for smaller cavities. However, sometimes a cavity is large or deep, and a simple dental filling will not sufficiently close or secure the hole left by your cavity.

A root canal calls for our top Madera dentist to clear away the cavity and decay and eventually close the hole with a dental filling or, if the situation warrants, a dental crown.

Root canals are not particularly painful, but the deep cavities that call for root canal therapy can be extremely painful.

Prior to your root canal therapy at Keledjian Dental, you may notice:

  • Pain in your tooth
  • Pain in your gum
  • Sensitivity
  • Swelling

In our Madera, CA dental office, we will keep you relaxed and numbed while our experienced dentist clears away bacteria and fills or crowns your tooth. Sometimes, our dentist packs the hole with needed medications to provide best results before placing your filling or crown.

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If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity or dental pain, contact our office immediately. Our caring team will schedule a prompt dental visit, and our top Madera dentist will assess your tooth for a cavity or infection.

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