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Can periodontal treatment have other health benefits?

If you suffer from hypertension, taking medication according to your doctor’s advice is important to avoid a life-threatening heart event. What if a simple dental procedure could also assist with reducing high blood pressure? A recent study shows that addressing gum disease can do just that. Dental Cleaning | Periodontal Treatment Madera, CA

For decades, research has linked gum disease with systemic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight babies, and respiratory illnesses. Recent research even links certain types of cancers to periodontal disease, especially in aging women.

Because gum disease is an inflammatory illness, stopping and managing its progression may benefit your health in many ways.

Periodontal Treatment to SystolicReduce Blood Pressure

The recent long-term study conducted in China is the first study to show that periodontal treatment alone can help to reduce systolic blood pressure. This study and others like it are helping researchers understand the relationship between infection in the gums and heart disease.

Gum disease treatment in our Madera dental office requires custom treatment for each patient. By tailoring your care to meet your needs as they change throughout your lifetime, we can help you enjoy better whole-body health in addition to a winning smile.

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