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How do I know if I need a dental extraction?

man getting a tooth extraction in madera caThe best way to determine if you need a dental extraction is to schedule an exam with Dr. Jason Keledjian. That way, he knows how best to address your particular issue. If you have a tooth that hurts, that does not necessarily mean that you need an extraction. You could need a root canal, filling, or night guard (if you grind your teeth).

If your tooth is already mobile, you may need a dental extraction, but in some cases we can save your tooth.

A dental extraction is usually only advised if you have a tooth that will not respond to any other type of dental treatments such as root canals.

Typical Reasons For Dental Extractions

  • Split or cracked tooth
  • Deep decay
  • Trauma
  • Broken root
  • Serious infection or abscess

In many cases, we can perform the extraction right here in our office, especially if your tooth is already mobile. If it requires surgery or a complex extraction, we may refer you to a specialist just for your own comfort and wellbeing.

We know that continuity of care is important to our patients, so we will take care of you whenever possible and please know that when we refer you to a specialist, it is someone we know and trust. Contact our office at (559) 673-2257 to schedule a consultation! 

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