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Does Dr. Keledjian have experience working with kids?

Not only does Dr. Keledjian have experience working with kids, but he’s also gifted at helping children develop a positive view of their smiles and oral health while helping them feel like dentistry is a fun experience. We love it when children brighten our dental office!

Your child’s first dental appointment is a milestone we look forward to sharing. We welcome children to our dental practice at about the age of three. Of course, if you notice something is off, or you have questions about your child’s developing teeth, we welcome them sooner.

Children’s Dentistry in Madera, CA

Kids are naturally curious and have a sense of wonder about new experiences. We promote this by making dentistry fun and interactive. We let children see the instruments we use and look at their smiles in the little mirror. We count teeth and help parents with their child’s at-home dental care through instruction and demonstration.

Our focus on children’s preventive dentistry with routine cleanings, fluoride, and sealants can help reduce dental issues, like cavities. Of course, if tooth decay does develop, Dr. Keledjian will gently address the issue with a filling. Your child’s comfort is essential to developing a lifelong positive view of their oral health and dentistry.

We Welcome Kids to Our Madera Dental Office

At Keledjian Dental, we offer a wide range of children’s dentistry, including prevention, fillings, emergencies, and when the time comes, an evaluation to see if braces are necessary.

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