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How long does it take to heal after a dental extraction?

Dental Patient | Madera CA Extraction DentistDental extractions come in two main types: surgical and simple. We perform simple extractions in our office. That means no surgery is required to remove your tooth successfully. An extraction is always a last resort at Keledjian Dental. We do our best to save as many of your natural teeth as possible, because that is best for your health.

That being said, sometimes an extraction is our only option for your health and comfort. When this problem arises, we will share all of your options with you.

Healing from a dental extraction

Once we complete your dental extraction, your healing time depends largely on how complicated your extraction was and how closely you follow our aftercare instructions. For most simple extractions, healing time is relatively short and uncomplicated.

While healing times vary, you should be feeling significantly better within a couple of weeks. After your extraction, you should start feeling better and better each day. Your swelling and tenderness will subside and the tissue where your tooth used to be will begin to shrink and heal.

If you do not feel steady improvement after your extraction, we should see you in our office to make sure you do not have an infection, dry socket, or other complication causing you pain or tenderness.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the healing process following an extraction, contact our office and we can help! 

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