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What is family dentistry?

Our popular dentist in Madera, CA defines family dentistry as quality dental care for people of all ages.

At Keledjian Dental, we provide age-appropriate treatments for children, senior adults, and everyone in between.

Our emphasis is on prevention, which saves families time and money in the long run—lowering your oral health risks today for a healthier tomorrow.

Preventive dentistry means dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months. The American Dental Association recognizes this schedule, and most dentists agree.

Besides prevention, our definition of family dentistry means providing a wide range of services to help your loved ones receive the majority of their treatments from a team they know and trust.

Our services include but are not limited to:

We are also here for your family members in the event of a dental emergency, working to treat your loved ones as soon as possible.

Are You Looking for a Family Dentist in Madera, CA?

At Keledjian Dental, we offer quality dentistry, always delivered by a skilled and friendly team. If you have questions about our services or are ready to schedule a new patient exam and teeth cleaning, give us a call today.

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