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What is a dental implant?

Older Couple | Dentist Madera CAWe hear more and more about dental implants these days because of their success in the field of tooth replacement therapy. Dental implants change from year to year as advances in technology progress and materials improve. Dr. Jason Keledjian stays on top of all of the latest information and works with some of the best specialists when it comes to implant placement and restoration.

What is a dental implant made of?

A dental implant consists of several parts. The actual implant itself is usually made of a biocompatible metal such as titanium. An experienced dental surgeon places the titanium post into your jawbone and allows it to heal for several months until your bone has a chance to integrate with the implant. This relationship, called osseointegration, stabilizes your implant within your bone and the implant essentially becomes part of your body.

Once you heal completely, Dr. Jason Keledjian will take impressions and create a custom dental crown to sit atop your implant, completing your chewing surface in addition to filling in your smile.

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While it may sound like a complex procedure, dentists perform thousands of these procedures each year with a very high success rate. When you come to Dr. Keledjian for your implant restoration work, you are in excellent hands. Contact our office to set up a consultation today!

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