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Is bone grafting safe?

Any surgery comes with certain risks either from the procedure itself or from the medication used in healing. However, Dr. Jason Keledjian regularly performs bone grafting Dental Chair | Madera CA Dentistprocedures with no complications. Today, bone grafting is incredibly common and well practiced among dentists.

Risks and Benefits

Dr. Keledjian will discuss the risks and benefits with you prior to treatment. Sometimes people develop infections after surgery, but if you follow our aftercare instructions and take good care of your health after your bone grafting procedure, you will have nothing to worry about.

The safest and most effective bone grafts are performed with the patient’s own bone. Because your donor bone contains cells from your own body, it is most easily integrated. If it is not possible to harvest bone from you, an animal or organ donor would be the next best choices. All bone harvested from human and animal donors is treated and tested so that it is completely safe.

Think about bone donation like receiving blood from a blood bank. All of the blood a laboratory receives goes through rigorous testing and treatment in order to prevent any disease transmission.

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Bone grafting is a procedure commonly and successfully performed by Dr. Keledjian. You will be in good hands at Keledjian Dental. Contact our office to learn more and to schedule a consultation! 

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