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Will bone grafting hurt?

dental exam | madera caWhile bone grafting may sound like a traumatic treatment, it is relatively routine and your recovery time should be similar to that of any other type of oral surgery. Dr. Keledjian is extremely gentle and will make sure that you are comfortable for the duration of your bone grafting procedure by numbing the area where he will place the donor bone. 

The pain you experience depends upon a number of factors such as if we harvest donor bone from another site inside your mouth or we use donor bone. If your bone is used, you will likely experience greater discomfort, but can be easily managed with medication.

Pain also varies from person to person. Dr. Keledjian wants you to feel completely comfortable for your recovery. If you experience difficulty, the best thing to do is let us know so that we can help.

Post Bone Grafting Care

Once your procedure is complete, Dr. Keledjian will advise you of how to care for your bone grafting site in order to ensure the greatest success and least amount of pain. He may prescribe post-operative pain medication to assist with your comfortable recovery.

We understand your concern about pain and encourage you to contact our office if you have specific concerns. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and help you make a good decision for the future of your oral health.

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