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Where does the bone come from for bone grafting procedures?

Depending on your particular medical history, we can take bone from a few different sources for your bone grafting procedure. Dental Office | Madera CA Dentist

Autograft Bone

Autograft bone is bone that is taken from somewhere on the patient’s own body. Usually it comes from another site within the mouth, chin, or back portions of your jaw. Some doctors consider autograft bone the best because it contains your own cells from your own body and has a high success rate. One of the drawbacks is that because you are donating your own bone, you will have two surgical sites that need to heal.

Allograft Bone

Allograft bone comes from an animal of the same species as the recipient. An organ donor, or cadaver, is the source in an allograft donation. Donor bone undergoes various treatments in order to make sure no diseases spread from donor to recipient.

Xenograft Bone 

Xenograft bone comes from an animal of another species, usually bovine. Scientists can harvest larger amounts of appropriate bone from large animals and that is why they remain a good choice for donation.


Alloplast is a synthetic form of bone made up of minerals and other materials that form a bone-like material and integrates with human bone.

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