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What’s the Difference Between Good and Bad Quality Dentures?

September 18, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Jason Keledjian
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Bad quality dentures can mean anything from mail-order options to inadequate or dated materials used to create your prosthetic. Fortunately, your dentist in Madera, CA relies on quality materials and the latest innovations to craft quality dentures every time.

Signs of a Poor-Quality Denture

When you trust your smile replacement to a dental professional, you should expect a quality product that fits and functions as promised.

However, not all denture materials are created equal and dated technologies can leave you disappointed.

Here are a few signs that your denture may be of poor quality.

Natural-Looking Dentures

With today’s techniques and technologies, there is no reason to be fitted with a denture that is not beautiful and flattering.

Your denture should look natural and complement your bone structure and your smile.

Well-Fitting Dentures

Over time dentures lose their snug feel. This is because jawbones naturally shrink when not stimulated by tooth roots. However, if you have to apply adhesives and get constant relines from the beginning, you may be looking at a poor-quality prosthetic.

Your dentures should fit.

Dentures that Restore Your Bite

With your new dentures, you should be able to enjoy your meals and chew without difficulty. However, if your dentures are constantly slipping or the teeth cannot properly grind food, you may want to upgrade to a more modern prosthetic.

You should be able to eat with ease.

Quality Dentures in Madera, CA

Our dental office takes accurate impressions of your gums and uses only the best labs to create your prosthetic. We provide you with options, and you always have the final say in tooth and gum color.

We also make all adjustments right here in our dental office.

Your Madera dentist wants you to love your smile, which is why we offer only the best to our patients!

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