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Steps Taken in Preventive Dentistry

June 2, 2016
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
Happy Dental Patient | Preventative Care Madera CA

Dr. Keledjian takes great pride in being a reliable, honest family dentist in Madera, California. Our team strives to give patients a solid foundation in prevention so that they can enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime.

We provide all types of family dentistry services in our Madera dental office, but every type of treatment is based on prevention and early detection.

Your Preventative Dental Care

When you join our dental family, Dr. Jason Keledjian will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you have any of the common dental diseases that affect the members of our community. He will examine each tooth, your gums, your bite, and even evaluate your jaw muscles and joints to determine if everything is healthy. As we move through our dental exam, Dr. Keledjian’s assistant will make not of any conditions to discuss with you following your exam.

Not only do we make note of any areas of decay, cracked teeth, periodontal disease, and damaged teeth, we also present all of your options so that you can make a decision that works best for you.

Diagnostic digital dental x-rays help us to see what is not visible with the naked eye. Decay in or around your dental restorations, infection, abscesses, and decay in between your teeth is more visible on digital x-ray than through a visual exam, making x-rays an essential diagnostic tool to keep our patients healthy.

Dentist Madera CA

Professional dental cleanings remove cement-like tartar from you teeth that is too hard for a toothbrush or dental floss to remove. Our hygienists are always gentle and leave you feeling fresh and clean. Nothing makes your teeth feel better than that smooth feeling after a dental cleaning!

We welcome patients of all ages to our family dental practice. From toddlers to seniors, we are committed to improving the overall health of our community by improving and maintaining their oral health. So please, don't hesitate to give our office a call today!

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