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Is it Safe to Replace My Amalgam Fillings?

July 31, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Jason Keledjian
Dental Filling | Madera CA Dentist

Patients often come to us and wonder if it is safe to have their old amalgam fillings removed for safety reasons. Many people feel concern over the presence of mercury in their fillings and despite reports from the American Dental Association that amalgam fillings are safe, many people would like to have them removed as a precautionary measure. 

At Keledjian Dental, we can remove your old dark amalgam fillings for you and replace them with tooth colored restorations, but first, you should know a few facts about amalgam filling removal, potential risks, and possible outcomes.

You May Need a Dental Crown

Because amalgam fillings are stable and can fill large cavities, once we remove your old filling, you may not have enough remaining tooth structure for a composite (white) filling and you could require a dental crown. A dental crown provides greater stability and absorbs the force from day-to-day wear. We can create tooth colored dental crowns so that you can still improve your smile.

Removal Releases Mercury Vapor

Removing your amalgam filling could also release more mercury vapor than if left alone. While we take every precaution necessary to ensure safe removal of your amalgam fillings, removing them creates more variables.

Benefits of Amalgam Removal

Despite some of the concerns with removing your amalgam fillings, many benefits exist, as well. For example, amalgam fillings can hide decay until it is quite progressed. Decay is not always visible on dental x-rays because your fillings can disguise it and because of the dark nature of amalgam fillings, visual diagnosis may prove impossible.

Amalgam fillings can darken the appearance of your entire tooth, not just the area containing decay. This dark appearance creates a shadowed or gray tooth that is unattractive and appears unhealthy.

Call for an Appointment

Ultimately, amalgam replacement is a topic best addressed on an individual basis. Contact us to schedule an exam and we can address your concerns and provide guidance.

Do you have questions about amalgam filling replacement? Contact Keledjian Dental and we will be glad to help!

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