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What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

May 24, 2020
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
Man holding face in pain from root canal infection

Root canal treatment is one of the most misunderstood dental therapies. Many people, for example, falsely believe that the treatment is invasive or painful when nothing could be further from the truth!

Our gentle dentist in Madera performs root canal treatment regularly, and new patients are often surprised by how easy it is. Not painful but pain-relieving.

If you have had a tooth trauma or a root infection, you need root canal treatment to relieve the pain and save your tooth. The root canal procedure, in some cases, is an alternative to extraction. In other words, it is the only therapy that may save a particularly damaged and vulnerable tooth.

How Is a Root Canal Procedure Performed?

The root canal procedure is a pain-relieving dental treatment that removes the infected root and pulp of your tooth.

After your dentist has made the diagnosis, we numb the treatment area thoroughly, make a tiny hole in the tooth, and take the painful root and pulp that is causing your discomfort and risking your oral health. You may experience pressure, but root canal treatment is not typically painful.

Your dentist closes the tooth with a makeshift tooth filling to allow for healing. A few weeks later, you return and your dentist places a real tooth-colored filling or a sturdy tooth crown.

A dental crown or cap is custom shaped and colored to blend with your smile, and it goes over a weakened tooth to provide support and help prevent breakage.

Reducing Your Risks

Brush and floss at least two times every day and visit your dentist for dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings every six months. These practices have been shown to lower your root infection risks.

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