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5 Reasons Not to Put Off Treating Gum Disease

April 27, 2018
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
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If you have painful, inflamed, or bleeding gums, you might think you can handle it on your own, but professional care is almost certainly necessary. We offer periodontal treatment in our Madera, CA dental office to improve your oral and overall health.

Because tartar (calculus) builds up on teeth between dental appointments, your gums cannot heal with home care alone. Calculus is like cement on the teeth, and our hygienist is better suited to remove it since your toothbrush is not equipped to do the trick.

#1 No One Likes Bad Breath 

Untreated gum disease leads to rampant bacteria growth. Bacteria produce a couple of negative byproducts – stinky odors and acid. Acid causes cavities and ruins enamel. The odor from bad breath cannot be solved with all of the gum and mints in the universe. Our team can give you fresh breath and a healthy smile.

#2 Infected Gums Can Hurt

If you floss your teeth and feel painful areas, you might have gum disease. Gums should feel normal when you brush and floss. Pain is an indication that your teeth and gums need more – not less – attention.

#3 You Could Lose Your Teeth

Periodontal disease destroys the bone that supports your teeth. This causes tooth loss and can create a sunken appearance to the face.

#4 Gum Disease Impacts Heart Health

Research links periodontal disease to heart disease and complicates other systemic conditions as well. Diabetics, heart surgery patients, and patients with lung conditions should keep gums healthy and disease free. Of course, healthy patients should too.

#5 Unhealthy Gums Can Impact Your Baby

Periodontal disease can contribute to low birthweight babies and premature birth. Expecting mothers are also more susceptible to gum disease because of hormone fluctuations. Healthy gums for you can mean a healthy newborn.

For periodontal treatment in Madera, CA from a caring and nonjudgmental team, contact Keledjian Dental today.

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