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November 25, 2014
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
Preventative Dentist Madera, CA | Dr. Jason Keledjian

This is the time of year that many people start to discuss New Year’s resolutions and goals they would like to achieve regarding their careers, money, health, and travel plans. For many people, this time of year may be the time you start to consider giving up old habits and replacing them with new healthier habits. One of the biggest changes people make is to quit smoking.

You have heard it all before, or so you think. Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a number of other life-threatening conditions. But, did you also know that it has a profound affect on your oral health? Both aesthetics and the health of your smile suffer when you smoke cigarettes. 

Effects Of Smoking On Your Oral Health

Oral cancer – People frequently discuss lung cancer, but rarely oral cancer when it comes to smoking. Oral cancer is a particularly deadly and disfiguring form of cancer and your risk increases dramatically when you smoke or use any type of tobacco. 

Periodontal disease – Tobacco use increases the likelihood that you will develop periodontal (gum) disease even if you brush and floss regularly. Smoking can also cause significant bone loss that ultimately may lead to tooth loss. 

Stained teeth – Smoking stains your teeth and gives them a yellow or brown appearance. While you can whiten your teeth, smokers find teeth whitening a constant battle because they become stained again much more quickly. Quitting smoking can improve the appearance of your smile dramatically. 

Wrinkles – When you smoke, you develop small wrinkles around your lips that prematurely age you.

Bad breath – The smell of cigarettes on your breath can be a real turn off for most people. Even if you brush and floss, you can never fully get rid of the smell because it clings to your lungs and your clothes. Smelling like a smoker can cause people to discriminate against you. 

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