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Looking for Quality Children's Dentistry?

October 31, 2014
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
Children's Dentistry Madera CA

We believe that starting children early with healthy habits can create a lifelong advantage when it comes to their oral health. You may not realize that we welcome patients of all ages to our dental office, eliminating the need for you to travel across town to see a pediatric dentist.

Preventive Treatment and Diagnosis

For all of our patients, excellent care begins with a solid routine in preventive exams and dental cleanings. Our hygienists are exceptionally gentle with children and help them develop the skills necessary to brush and floss properly. We also take time with parents to talk about tips such as nutrition ideas for healthy teeth and techniques to prevent cavities and gum disease.

When your child is old enough, we will take digital x-rays to look for potential decay, one of the most common preventable diseases. We can evaluate the x-rays immediately and address any areas of concern quickly to avoid more serious conditions.

Protective Fluoride and Dental Sealants

We also offer additional preventive treatments including fluoride and dental sealants. Fluoride treatments help to strengthen your child’s protective enamel, preventing decay by keeping it strong. 

Dental sealants are protective barriers that we apply to the chewing surface of your child’s teeth to keep bacteria and decay from the deep grooves that often trap food. Sealants are cost effective and can last for up to five years. 

Pediatric Orthodontic Evaluation

As your child grows, we will monitor his or her teeth and bite to look for potential problems requiring the need for orthodontics. When can address certain orthodontic conditions at an early age, it can make treatment less complex and sometimes shorter since your child is still growing. 

If you would like to learn more about our Madera, CA dental office, stop by our Facebook page and join in the conversation. We always love hearing from our patients and other members of our community.

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