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What to Look for in a Quality Dental Office

April 22, 2016
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
Quality Dental Office | Dentist Madera CA

If you are looking for a new Madera dentist and are having trouble making a decision about who to see for your dental treatment, here are a few things to look for in a quality dental office:

Good Communication

Having good communication with any of your healthcare providers is important. When you go to the dentist, you should feel like you are being heard and that you can express your concerns and goals freely. If you feel constantly rushed, this may be hard to do.

Be sure to take your oral health and cosmetic dentistry concerns to your dentist. If they do not want to listen, it might be time to move on.


A good dentist will provide you with consistently good dental care because they want to make sure you stay a patient and because it is the right thing to do! As you get to know your dentist, your rapport should develop in such a way that you start to trust their recommendations because you know they have your best interests at heart.

Quality Dental Care

This seems like a no-brainer, but not all dentists have the same level of experience or use the highest quality materials for your dentistry. Do they use a lab here in the USA that provides consistently great-fitting and esthetic restorations? Does your dentist believe in continuing education, technology, and staying on top the latest developments in dentistry?

Ask questions about what types of materials your dentist uses and take note if they have streamlined, technologically advanced office. This should provide you with peace of mind.

An Educated, Friendly Team

One bad apple can spoil it! The dental team should always make you feel welcome and appreciate your business. No one wants to feel like a burden. At each visit, you should be greeted with a warm smile and thanked for your business at the end of your appointment.

Dr. Jason Keledjian is a Madera dentist who truly appreciates his patients and wants to make sure they always receive the best care possible. Give us a call today!

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