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Improve the Fit of Your Dentures

September 24, 2014
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
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By now, you have probably heard about the many uses and health benefits of dental implants. From replacing missing teeth to helping prevent bone resorption caused by tooth loss, dental implants remain the most recommended option to replace your missing teeth. They imitate your natural teeth, last a long time, and provide stability to your facial structure. 

Did you know that you could include dental implants in your future treatment in combination with other dental restorations to provide stability and confidence that is unsurpassed? 

Implant-supported bridges 

Bridges have limitations when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Because you use your adjacent teeth as anchors, bridges can only work if they replace one or two missing teeth. Longer bridges create an unstable environment and may break due to the force of chewing.

When you strategically place dental implants in areas when your have missing teeth, you can use a combination of implants and bridges to replace more missing teeth and to help prevent bone loss in those areas. That means you can complete your chewing surface and smile in a way that is both functional and attractive.

Implant-supported denturesDentures are notoriously difficult for some people to wear, especially if you have experienced a certain degree of bone loss already. They may fall out while you are chewing or talking – which can be utterly mortifying and embarrassing - or you may find they move around and cause unnecessary denture sores.

Several implants can hold your denture in place, keeping it snug against your gums so that it fits better and does not fall out. Best of all, you can avoid embarrassing denture malfunctions while you talk, laugh, and eat. 

If you need an implant dentist in the Madera, California area, Dr. Keledjian works with some of the most highly skilled oral surgeons to provide you with outstanding results with implant dentistry.

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