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5 Ideas to Help Your Kids Become Oral Health Rock Stars!

March 29, 2018
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
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When kids take care of their oral health from a young age, they will have a better chance of keeping their teeth healthy as adults. Rather than driving across town to a pediatric dentist in Madera, CA, we welcome children to become part of our dental family here at Keledjian Dental.

Here are some tips to help your child become a rock star when it comes to healthy teeth.

Lead By Example

Whether it is choosing a healthy snack in the afternoon or brushing your teeth together before bed, parents who lead by example are more likely to pass their good oral care habits onto their children.

Having a positive and fun attitude can take the anxiety and resistance out of taking care of their teeth.

Make it Fun

Many YouTube videos have fun songs to encourage children to brush their teeth. Dancing together in the bathroom while brushing or even keeping a tooth chart with stickers for days of successful brushing can keep kids interested in home dental hygiene.

Make Dentist Trips Fun

Your pediatric dentist in Madera, CA will have a special knack for making dentistry gentle and fun. As a parent, making the unknown less frightening and celebratory can eliminate dental fears and create a solid foundation for your child health.

Set a Timer

Brushing for at least two minutes is essential to keeping teeth clean. Small, inexpensive timers can help kids stick with it until they clean the surface of every tooth. Many electric toothbrushes for both adults and kids have built-in timers to keep you brushing for the full two minutes.

Praise and Celebrate

Children need help brushing and flossing their teeth until at least age nine when their dexterity is refined enough to do it on their own. When kids do a good job, praise their accomplishment and celebrate their success. Kids love to please their parents, and they will reward you with an adorable, healthy smile.

We hope that these tips will be helpful in helping your child adopt healthy oral habits! Contact Keledjian Dental to learn more about our preventative and restorative services!

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