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How Your Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health

January 15, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Jason Keledjian
Preventative Dentist Madera CA

Most people believe that as long as they brush and floss regularly, that their diet will have no negative effects on their oral health, but this isn’t always the case. There are several foods that can cause major damage to your teeth even with good oral hygiene. Most of these foods should be avoided, yet few can be consumed in moderation.

How Diet Effects Oral Health

  • Sugary foods – We have all heard that sugar will rot our teeth, but it isn’t just sugar alone that causes tooth decay. When you consume sugary foods and drinks it mixes with the bacteria in your mouth to create plaque and acid which will eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Yet, certain sugary foods are worse than others. For instance, lollipops and hard candies spend much more time in your mouth than a piece of cake because it takes a lot of saliva to break them down. If you must consume sugary foods, brush afterwards, and drink sugary beverages with a straw to reduce the contact it has with your teeth.
  • Acidic foods – Acidic foods work in similar ways to sugary foods. They will mix with the tooth decay causing bacteria in your mouth to erode your teeth. Citrus fruits and other acidic foods should be eaten in moderation and teeth should be brushed soon after to remove any lingering food particles and acid from your teeth. Citrus Juices are the worst since they also contain added sugar and should be consumed with a straw or avoided if possible.
  • Coffee, tea, and wine – Though they won’t cause much damage to your teeth unless you add sugar, these beverages are known to cause major discoloration to teeth. In order to maintain a healthy and white smile, it is best to consume these products in moderation or through a straw.

Maintain Your Oral Health

It can be difficult to know which foods to avoid, which is why if you have any questions it is best to consult your dentist. If you live in the Madera, CA area and would like more information on diet and dental health, please contact Dr. Jason Keledjian and his team at Keledjian Dental today!

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