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Want to Celebrate? How to Party without Cake

September 29, 2017
Posted By: Keledjian Dental
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If you work in an office environment, the celebrations can take over the break room! Plates of cookies, cakes, chocolate, and other treats pose a problem both for employee waistlines and your oral health.

Sweets, particularly those sweets that are starchy, like cake and cookies, can stick in teeth for hours, feeding the bacteria that cause decay. It is important to remember that a celebration does not have to be unhealthy. In today’s office culture, which is largely sedentary, incorporating more activity and fewer treats could add years to your vitality and life.

A Walk in the Park

When you have informal meetings or a celebration with co-workers, take a quick walk outside for an extra boost of energy. A picnic with healthy snacks, eaten in the sunlight, will give everyone a boost they need to get through the day. A few minutes of activity and daylight will take you much further than a cup of coffee or a cookie.


It easy, when working in a large office building, to take advantage of company messaging or email. When you have something to say to a co-worker, use the opportunity to walk the message to their desk.  Not only does this get you away from your computer screen for a few minutes, but it also helps you develop stronger relationships with your colleagues.

In-Office Step Competitions

Rather than having a company bake-off, create a movement competition with your co-workers. In the days of FitBits, iPhone health apps, and step counters, you could make a cash or gift certificate incentive and create some friendly competition. A healthy potluck rather than sweet treats is another way to celebrate teamwork and camaraderie.

Because the Information Age changed how we work, it is important to keep track of overall health in every way we can. Changing out sweet treats from the breakroom for healthier activities can make a big difference!

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