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Do You Want Braces without the Braces?

June 26, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Jason Keledjian
Invisalign Aligners | Madera CA Dentist

We often hear of patients who want to improve their smiles orthodontically but the idea of having braces makes them run in the other direction and resign themselves to a life with a crooked teeth.

Having a crooked smile, gapped teeth, buckteeth, or just a few teeth that seem to be doing their own thing can really affect how you feel about yourself. Not liking your teeth may limit how much you smile, laugh, and engage with others. 

We have a solution!

Invisalign is an innovative treatment designed to address cosmetic orthodontic conditions without the need for unsightly brackets and wires. Invisalign utilizes unique, completely clear straightening trays to gradually and gently move your teeth. In fact, for most teen and adult cosmetic orthodontic treatments, Invisalign works just as well as traditional orthodontics and has the added convenience of removable trays so you can eat and brush your teeth normally. 

Once we determine if your particular case qualifies for treatment with Invisalign, we will take impressions and digital x-rays for the Invisalign lab. When they receive your information, they will fabricate your custom aligners and send you your kit to get started. When you begin wearing your trays, we will schedule regular follow-up exams to make sure your treatment progresses smoothly.

The length of your treatment depends on the severity of your case. We can give you an estimate after we create your treatment plan. Usually, we recommend changing your Invisalign trays every two weeks through the course of your treatment and following up with a retainer.

The cost of Invisalign is similar to that of traditional orthodontics. We can estimate your options at your consultation. Contact Keledjian Dental today to schedule your consultation! 

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