Dental Implant Restoration in Madera, CA

If you are considering a dental implant for tooth replacement, many factors must be considered to determine what treatment will work best for you. An exam will tell us a lot about your dental health and whether you are eligible to have a dental implant. 

Dr. Jason Keledjian is highly skilled at the art of dental implant restoration and has successfully completed numerous implant procedures. At our Madera dental office, we partner with our patients to ensure their treatment progresses smoothly. We will coordinate with a trusted oral surgeon to work with you from the beginning to the end of your treatment.Dental Implant | Madera, CA Dentist

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a tooth replacement device, usually made of titanium that is implanted into your jaw bone. It supports a prosthetic crown that resembles and functions like a natural tooth. The dental implant procedure includes multiple steps and stages.

Dental implants come in many varieties, and once we perform a complete exam, we can make a recommendation about what type of implant will work best for you. Once that is determined, we will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for your dental implant placement.

After the placement of your tooth implant, we will allow time for your bone to heal around the implant and become very stable before placing your permanent dental crown. Your permanent tooth crown will be custom made so that it matches the rest of your teeth. We determine the size, shape, and color of your implants for teeth in our office, and then it will be made by a highly-skilled dental laboratory.

Once we receive your permanent crown, Dr. Keledjian will permanently bond it to your implant and make any adjustments necessary so that your bite is perfect and fully functional.

Benefits Of Dental Implant for Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are the most versatile tooth replacement available. Dental implants implant into your bone and your bone heals around the implant, forming a strong bond, so they are very strong and help to preserve your bone as well as provide a stable chewing surface.

When tooth loss occurs, and tooth replacement options become a likely result, your bone may begin to disappear in the area of your lost tooth. Teeth act like anchors in the bone and provide a stable relationship with your jaw.

Once you lose a tooth, you may notice the tipping or tilting of your other teeth inward toward the gap. Implants for teeth replacement hold that space and keep your other teeth from shifting.

Why You Should Restore You Tooth

At Keledjian Dental, we highly recommend replacing your missing tooth as soon as possible, since all teeth serve a purpose, and each one is needed to function and to maintain your oral health. 

Missing a tooth can impact your life in many ways. Primarily, your remaining teeth tend to overextend themselves to make up for their missing friend, which means that they work harder to do tasks they were not designed to do. This creates stress and increases your risk for damage; in fact, tooth loss often leads to more tooth loss, which is certainly not what any patient wants.

Losing a tooth, especially if it’s highly noticeable, impacts your day-to-day in many ways. Many Madera patients find that they lose their confidence and self-esteem; they may even hide their smile. While it’s almost impossible to hide a missing tooth, people still tend to subconsciously hide their mouths behind their hands or even not smile at all.

Finally, if you don’t replace your missing tooth, your surrounding teeth will certainly shift towards the gap. This changes the alignment of your smile and causes a misalignment in your bite, which can result in fractures or severe damage to your teeth. When a tooth root is gone, your jaw bone no longer has the stimulation that it needs to promote bone growth and health. Your teeth fill out your face, and when one or multiple are lost, the contours of your face will change. Often, this leads to facial sagging, which will make you appear years older than you really are. Certainly not a thing anyone could ever want! 

Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option that replaces both your tooth and your root and saves your bone health.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants in Madera, CA?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you might have researched dental implants. If you are interested in seeing if you are a good candidate, Dr. Keledjian will determine your current oral health and if you have sufficient gum and bone for the procedure.

Suitable candidates should have enough healthy bone to support the dental implant. If it’s been a while since you’ve lost your tooth, don’t fear that you’re unable to get an implant. We may recommend a bone graft surgery so that we can have enough bone for a successful dental implantation.

Our 93637 dentist will also look towards your current general health to determine if you have any heart conditions, what medications you are taking, and what your general well-being is. As with any dental procedure, we have to ensure that the other existing teeth are free of cavities, and there is no tooth decay, gum disease, or infection before we can proceed.

The only way you can really know if dental implants are the right option for you and your lifestyle is to schedule a dental implant evaluation with our family dentist in Madera, Dr. Keledjian. We must take digital x-rays and perform a visual examination in order to create a smile treatment plan. We will guide you through each step of the process, and thoroughly explain every action we take so that you can work closely with your trusted dental implant dentist in Madera, CA.

Happy Dental Implant Patients | Madera, CA DentistWhat Exactly Is a Dental Implant Procedure?

The entire process depends on how many teeth need to be replaced, but generally, the process can take four to six months from the very start through the healing process.

There are two main phases in the dental implant process that take place over several dental appointments. The first stage is the surgical procedure, where Dr. Keledjian places the thin titanium implant roots into the jaw bone. Titanium is a biocompatible material that will not be rejected by your body and will fuse with your bone over time. The dental implant will then replace the tooth root and will fully integrate with your jaw bone.

The second stage comes after the healing process after the titanium root has anchored to your jaw. Dr. Keledjian will custom fabricate a dental crown to fit over the dental implant. Dental crowns look and function just like your natural teeth, so no one will ever be able to tell it is an artificial tooth.

Dental Implants and Oral Health

In order for your implant to remain healthy, it requires regular oral care after the dental implant surgery, just like the rest of your teeth. In order to prevent gum disease and recession, impeccable home care and regular dental cleanings will be necessary.

Without regular oral hygiene practice and regular hygiene appointments, your dental implants could be at risk. Dr. Keledjian will share any special care that your implant requires and will do regular dental exams to keep you healthy.

Call Now For A Dental Implant Evaluation

If you have a missing tooth or teeth and you think implants may be right for you, call Keledjian Dental to schedule an exam. We look forward to providing you with the best dental implants care and services and answering your questions on how much do dental implants cost while helping you to find solutions that meet your specific needs.