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Do you see kids? Is Dr. Keledjian good with kids?

Baby with toothbrush | Pediatric Dentistry Madera, CAYes, we love offering dentistry to the entire family. At Keledjian Dental we generally begin seeing children as early as age three. Dr. Keledjian is very gentle and takes his time. He makes our young patients feel comfortable and would never force a child into treatment. 

We strongly believe that building strong dental habits from a young age leads to a healthier smile in later life. Both Dr. Keledjian and our hygienists take the time to work with both parents and children to educate them on proper home care techniques.

If you child is ready for their first dental appointment, consider bringing them in to see Dr. Keledjian. You can reach our office by calling (559) 673-2257 or by filling out this form. We look forward to meeting your little one!